What are the selection tips for transparent LED displays?

At the just-concluded ISLE exhibition, the transparent LED display has attracted the attention of many professionals, and more than half of the display booths have transparent screens. In the display area of the display, there is a three-step transparent screen. The transparent screen has been sought after by many customers. So, what is the picking technique when we plan to buy a transparent screen?

   The first thing to look at is the permeability and dot spacing. Professional buyers who have used LED displays know that the smaller the dot pitch of the display, the clearer the display. For the transparent led display, because the light bar, the driver IC and the lamp bead are opaque, if the dot pitch is made small, it needs to lose some of the permeability; on the contrary, the price of high passthrough This means an increase in the dot pitch, which will affect the sharpness and display of its picture. Therefore, we should choose the permeability and the point spacing when selecting the transparent screen to ensure the good display of the project.

   Second, we must look at the strength of the manufacturers. There are many manufacturers of transparent LED displays on the market, but many of them are not professional manufacturers, lacking perfect production technology and equipment, and the versatility is not strong, and the consistency and stability are poor. It is very important to choose a reliable transparent LED display manufacturer when choosing a transparent screen. The reliable manufacturers will help a lot in the whole project implementation process and reduce worries.

   Finally, we must conduct field visits. The transparent LED display is a large-scale engineering product with a large project scale. When selecting a transparent screen, you must go to the factory to do a field visit, compare the manufacturer's product technology, price, and project case, and select the appropriate manufacturer after internal discussion.